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Industry News

Applications To Go - Working with Windows Mobile

Status Computers are working with Hewlett Packard and Mobile Phone suppliers to supply applications using Windows Mobile v5. There are now a wide range of devices to suit every business need - from a simple 'Smartphone' - the look and feel of a 'normal' mobile phone with the added functionality of Windows software - to various 'hybrid' PDA / Phone devices, with either a stylus / touch screen interface, a keyboard, or both. Windows Mobile v5, when combined with the power of Micorsoft Exchnage 2005 (SP2), can provide a full 'Push-Email' service, previously only available through the Blackberry range of devices. Emails and Appointments made in the office on the corporate Exchange system are seamlessly 'pushed' out to remote users running Windows Smartphone devices, so that they are always up to date (without having to 'synchronise' or 'send/receive' their devices). With the added ability of running a wide range of applications, remote and mobile workers can carry out a wide range of work without having to carry around a laptop. Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) are all available on Windows Mobile, along many other applications designed specifically for these devices.

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Using Microsoft SQL 2005 Reporting Services

Status Computers are already working with Microsoft's latest version of SQL to provide Data Mining tools for local government. Using the new Reporting Services supplied with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Status Computers are working with partners to create a Data Mining tool that will allow Senior Managemnet to view key management information taken from numeorus different systems and databases in one simple view. The active components of SQL 2005 Reporting Services will show an overview of all the relevant data, and allow the Managers to 'drill down' deeper into the data to get a more detailed view of the relevant departments situation using a simple 'point and click' interface. This will allow the Senior Management team to closely monitor the essential performance montioring targets required by Government.

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